Mural at Humber college D building second floor

Campus As A Canvas Mural AR experience

This project I created was for Humber’s Campus As a Canvas, The purpose of my project is to help Humber with a Motion AR experience for their 40ft Mural. I believe that Campus As A Canvas is a great idea, we were introduced to it last semester but this semester I feel I have enough resources and skills to pull off a even cooler project that will be seen by students and staff at Humber, the incredible thing is that the canvas is the college it doesn’t have to be a wall, it can be on the floor, outside or even being able to view the cool experience from home, its amazing on what we can create and connect our community.

Software used:

After Effects (Used to create the motion)

Illustrator(Creating style-frames, working with assets from artist)

Spark AR (Bring the motion into a AR workspace to finally create the AR experience)

Research/AR Experience:

Link to Research: Research

Link to AR Experience:

AR experience can be viewed from the Medium Article and also at Humber College North Campus


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I'm certainly looking for an internship in the field of motion design.